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La Storia

Paolo Cerreti

The company was founded in 1992 by Paolo Cerreti ,who is marked by spirit of collaboration and highest availability in the resolution of customer problems .
The thermoformed trays of Cerreti Ltd are recommended from customer to customer, creating a word of mouth  based on quality and service, and advertising promoted by our own clients: It’s understood that we are so proud about this.

Andrea Cerreti

The collaboration of Paolo’s son, Andrea Cerreti, will mark a crucial evolution for the company.
Caring personally engineering and manufacturing, he becomes an indispensable figure in business management.
In 2006 under his leadership Cerreti srl was founded on the principles of service, quality and food safety.
Since always we participate actively in the idealization of solutions and structural changes of thermoformed trays, to make them more secure in the processing of automated handling systems on production lines.
Today we are a well-established, valued partner of many companies that work with large-scale distribution in the food industry.

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Paolo founded Paolo Cerreti Cerreti & Packaging Trays in a small office on the Val di Tronto.
Purchase of the current headquarters in Ripatransone.
The company is transferred to Andrea Cerreti, who founded Cerreti srl
Cerreti srl implements and is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System
Construction of the new Warehouse to extend the venue.
Are defined new goals including ISO 22000 and BRCiop, IFSpac
2014 Birth of the Integrated Management System Quality – Food Safety (ISO 9001 – ISO 22000)




Contrada Fiorano
63065 Ripatransone (AP) Italy


+39 (0)735 907001