technology innovation


Over 25 years of field experience.
A know-how built on the success of our customers.


The thermoformed tray by Cerreti srl is the final result of comparison with the customer. We listen to needs, analyze needs, evaluate feasibility, and then create solutions.

Often from a need made of small details a new idea is born and therefore a new product.

Our experience in the field, highly qualified personnel, technology innovation, knowledge of materials, solid partnerships with partners, allow us to satisfy the customer’s need.

The factors that contribute to the realization of our finished product are therefore numerous and already in the design phase the primary objective is to consider the safety of the packaging.

The trays used in the FOOD sector have taken on many forms and colors over time, must fulfill different tasks and comply with the provisions of the legislator, and our company has easily adapted to changes in the world of food packaging, a world that is constantly changing .

We are specialized in the design and production of customized Food trays, the so-called “made to measure” that represents our core business.

Research, Development, Prototyping and Design are inspired by the principles of the Circular Economy.




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